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Construction and remodeling work in a healthcare setting requires heightened awareness—to the needs of patients, of doctors, of nurses, and of hospital administrators. In working on several key healthcare projects in the greater Charlotte area, Encompass Building Group has developed just this sort of awareness. We blend it with our team focus and our high standards of integrity to provide exemplary service to medical projects throughout North Carolina—including hospitals, long-term care communities, and medical offices. Our work encompasses everything from new hospital constructions to expansions and remodels.

Hospital Construction in Charlotte, NC

To begin with, we understand that all projects are different, and we never provide one-size-fits-all services to our clients. Rather, we will work to truly understand the vision, and to develop the proper expectations with regard to timeframe and budget. We will assemble the right team for the job, and we will ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety boards.

In addition, we’ll bring sensitivity to the scheduling of the project. A construction project has implications for the work the medical team does, and for patient care, and our foremost goal is to ensure that these things are not compromised.

Encompass Building Group also brings to its healthcare construction work expertise in electrical, HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing systems—in short, everything needed to make your healthcare facility efficient and state-of-the-art.

Healthcare Facility Construction from Encompass Building Group

Encompass Building Group was established in 2013, but we lean heavily on our many years of combined construction experience. We do work in many industries and verticals, but healthcare construction is something we are well-versed in and passionate about. We are enthusiastic about making a difference on behalf of doctors and patients alike, and to leveraging our passion and precision on behalf of important medical work.

To learn more about our hospital and healthcare work, contact Encompass Building Group today.

  • What makes Encompass different?

    There are a few different ways in which we accomplish our goal. We put a heavy emphasis on listening, and we don’t begin any kind of work until we’ve truly connected with the client on the design of the building. Communication is big with us, and we strive to provide timely and specific updates as regularly as the client cares to receive them.

    What ultimately sets us apart is our passion. We are truly enthusiastic about serving clients and helping them turn their vision into a concrete reality. That enthusiasm radiates through our culture and extends to all our team members—and we hope it will be completely evident when you meet with us to discuss how Encompass can address your needs.

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